Thursday, February 2, 2012

Salmon, Mango and Wild Rice Salad with Ginger and Chile

Are you sick of salmon recipes yet?  I know I go a bit heavy on the salmon stuff but it is just the most ubiquitous fish around and it is so good for you and it sears up so nicely that it is my go to fish these days.  So for those of you tired of the salmon dishes, don't fret, because this salad works nicely with any cooked protein: tofu, chicken, steak...whatever you feel like.  But it is especially good with a seared on the pan salmon filet.

This recipe is adapted from Diana Henry's book, Plenty.  It is a favorite book for sure...with lots of different regional influences and gorgeous pictures to look at and drool on.



1/3 c wild rice
1 c brown rice (yes, you can get both the wild and brown rice on your next Trader Joes run.)
3 c chicken stock, veg stock or water
8 oz green beans (I used haricot verts), cut in half
2 small mangoes, peeled and cut up (yes, this is the WORST part of the recipe.)
14 oz cooked salmon, broken into chunks (heat up canola or peanut oil in a pan, salt and pepper your salmon, throw it in and cook until it gets a nice crust on the bottom, flip it to get another nice crust and you are done!)
1/2 c pistachios, shelled
cilantro leaves (I left these out because they weren't at TJs on the day I got all the ingredients)
squeeze of lemon juice (critical...brings it all together...don't skip this step.)


1 1/2 tsp cider vinegar
1/4 tsp dijon mustard
1 garlic clove, crushed
1 tsp honey
1/2 tsp grated ginger
2 fresh red chiles, seeded and chopped
3 tsp peanut oil
1/4 c olive oil
salt and pepper to taste


1.  Put the rices into a saucepan with the stock or water and bring to a boil. Cover and lower heat to low, cooking for 30 minutes.

2.  Cook the beans in boiling salted water for a couple of minutes, then drain and place in a bowl of ice water to stop the cooking and keep the pretty green color.

3.  Put all the dressing ingredients in a bowl and whisk OR in a small tupperware/jar and shake (my preferred method.)  Stir into bowl with rice and green beans.  Be probably won't need all that dressing.  Add the rest of the ingredients, squeeze lemon juice on top and add salt and pepper to taste.

4.  Revel in your delicious, healthy and beautiful meal.  Brag about your meal sanctimoniously with all who will listen.  And then eat lots and lots of cookies for dessert.

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