Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Salmon Hash

Yeah, it has been a while. I swore I wasn't going to post any new recipes until I got the new iPhone, but it the phone has already sold out and I have had some good meals to share in the meantime. Plus, the webpage got some new fancy design elements for me to play with, so there you go. You can more easily access past recipes with the new template when you fool around with it. Expect many more recipes once that fancy dancy phone is in my hot little hands.

In the meantime, this recipe, adapted from my new favorite cookbook, Plenty, by Diana Henry, is all about the leftovers. Leftover salmon, leftover potatoes. But we rarely have leftover salmon since I buy it in small quantities at the Japanese market and we NEVER have leftover potatoes since they are the only vegetable my son is willing to eat happily. So I made everything from scratch before I assembled the recipe and it was still pretty easy. With real leftovers, it will be a cinch.

2 tbsp unsalted butter (I used one tbsp)
1 1/2 tsp oil
1 onion, finely chopped
2 1/2 c cooked potatoes in chunks (I roasted them at 425 degrees for 20 min or so)
12 oz cooked salmon (I pan roasted it over medium high heat for 10 min or so) AND smoked salmon (NOT lox) in a 2:1 ratio
10 oz spinach leaves (yes, I just emptied a bag o' spinach for this)
salt and pepper
squeeze of lemon juice
small bunch of dill, finely chopped

1. Heat the butter and oil in a large skillet and add the onion and potatoes. Fry over medium heat until the onion is soft and golden.

2. Flake the cooked salmon into large chunks, discarding the skin and stir this in along with the smoked salmon and spinach until the spinach has wilted.

3. Season to taste, add the lemon juice and dill.