Friday, February 5, 2010

Poached Eggs with Prosciutto on Toast (or the best egg mcmuffin ever)

This is a very simple breakfast, lunch or light dinner that ends up being a whole lot better for you than the old brunch stand by, Eggs Benedict.  It's not fancy, so I wouldn't serve it as part of a brunch, but it sure is delicious. 


1/4 lb prosciutto

Really good sliced bread

parm cheese, sliced

So, the key is really the poaching of the eggs, which I used to screw up monumentally in the past.  But then I came across this lovely under 4 minute video on Facebook and it changed my egg poaching life for the better:  Perfect Poached Egg.  So, now you poach your eggs, toast up your bread, put the eggs on the toast, add salt and pepper, cover with a slice or so of prosciutto and shred a few slices of parm cheese on top.  You can even eat it with your hands.  But make sure you have a napkin, as that runny yummy yolk can be a bit of a mess.

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